The Importance of Accurate SKU Data and Unique Product Content
If you’re an online retailer there’s nothing more important to your future sales than making sure the data you’re presenting to consumers is both accurate and insightful. Without accurate SKU data and unique product content designed to assist your customer in the decision to buy, their online experience could be falling flat. Shoppers want to shop […]
Making Cents of the Social Media Bubble & Big Data
Since social media’s inception naysayers have been ringing its death knell. The problem is – for every Luddite ready to call it done, there were a million more people waiting to sign-up, which meant their end-of-days prognostications never proved out. However, now with the recent downturn in social media stocks (read the article), investors made leery […]
Measure the Three Rs of Content Marketing
If you Google “The three Rs of content marketing,” you’ll get a long list of results. The most common Rs are borrowed from that old familiar public awareness campaign to keep our planet healthy: reduce, reuse, recycle. These three words can be boiled down to a very common but very important concept: repurposing content. By […]