Go Accurate, Complete & Normalized - or go home.

There are three must-have fixes for your business data. No gaps. No bad data. No bad images. We research, verify and build databases using advanced, 

proprietary and cost-effective methods.

Product Data Normalization

Overcome Inconsistency and Streamline Product Management

The accuracy of product data is critical for catalog driven online retailers. Product data accuracy directly impacts on-site search, relevancy of products displayed, and, ultimately, the conversion of products on your site.


At EnableVue, we solve the challenging problem of identifying when two (or more) references to a product are inconsistent. We intelligently resolve data inconsistencies, normalizing your product data and identifying anomalies. The benefits of normalization extend from customer experience through your entire supply chain, helping to increase the effectiveness of your operations.


Product data normalization is fastest, and most accurate when undertaken by humans. EnableVue’s scalable workforces who learn your taxonomy, flag and resolve variances drive speed of resolution. Applying collective intelligence to judge tasks delivers fast and accurate results.

Attribute Proofing/Gathering

Search, Select and Serve the Most Accurate Product Catalog

At EnableVue, we understand how data accuracy and completeness drives the success of your business. Data hygiene issues can lead to lost sales and operational inefficiencies. We can rapidly and accurately source, verify, correct and enhance product attributes using our scalable data teams.


Our solution delivers research at scale to reference source locations and verify product attributes, harvesting data for empty fields while updating errors found. Once complete, your online catalog will benefit from improved categorization, deeper product information and allow customers to find what they need easily and transact faster.

Image Analysis/Tagging 

Human Scale Applied to Image Moderation

Images are an important component in your SEO strategy. Search engines place high value on imagery for ranking because of the importance consumers place on them. Products that fail to display an image, or display unrelated or inaccurate images, do not perform as well as those that do. Retailers who optimize product images with search meta-data outperform those that don’t.


EnableVue ensures that each of your products has an accurate and qualified image associated with it. We also add meta-data with relevant keywords and key phrases to give your images an added SEO boost. In this age of visual information, your business can’t afford to ignore the power of rich, accurate imagery.

Video Tagging/Slicing

Harness the Power of Your Video Assets 

Videos were once a nice-to-have tool in the retailer’s toolkit, but they are rapidly becoming a must-have. Product videos increase consumer engagement, build trust, and are a favorite of search engines. EnableVue’s specialist Video crowd can cost effectively add meta-data to your existing videos to increase optimization. We also specialize in creating multiple clips from one master video, maximizing your reach from one resource.

Taxonomic Improvements

Structure is the Foundation of Data Relevance. 

Legacy category taxonomies often lag behind new updates to product catalogs. EnableVue specializes in improving your catalog’s data structure, identifying ways in which you can expand your taxonomy, or make it more relevant to your current catalog. In doing so, we maximize the number of relevant categories your products belong to. It’s an effective strategy for helping shoppers find products on your site and increase relevancy on search engines.

Data Categorization

Extend Your Catalog & Increase Site Search 

As an online retailer, listing your products in the appropriate categories is crucial to user experience and directly impacts conversion. Intelligent product categorization will maximize the categories that a product appears within and help identify opportunities for sub-category expansion.Categorization judgments are far more accurate when performed with human subjectivity, not relying on systems and algorithms to get it right. EnableVue’s scalable human workforce will dedicate the appropriate teams of skilled workers to get it done right and at large scale.

Search Relevance

Be Relevant or Be Invisible!

Revenue is directly impacted by placement of your product search results within your site and in search rankings. Your ability to deliver relevant, accurate and complete product information is key to your business. Optimizing your pages for search relevance is fundamental to successful sales online.


To be search engine relevant your content must be fresh, unique and optimized with meta-data that helps crawlers know whether to rank your pages highly or not. Similarly, optimization challenges exist with on-site search. There, the challenge is to focus both on content and keywords while not overlooking product attribute accuracy and completeness.


Successful page optimization involves both intelligent research and judgment, and access to a trained human workforce that can scale to fit your seasonal needs is both cost effective and efficient. EnableVue’s search relevance team comprises of skilled writers, editors, data researchers and SEO specialists available to you as a high-quality, truly scalable group. 

Inaccurate Links

Evaluate Links with Context and Judgment

Interlinking is an effective strategy for any retailer looking to improve site usability and boost SEO. However, as a product catalog matures, the interlinking structure can erode, effectively reversing any prior usability and search advancements.


We help your business improve customer experience by eliminating legacy links that point to irrelevant content. While algorithmic solutions can find broken links, our crowd-sourced, quality-controlled approach also identifies and fixes irrelevant links with more effective results. 

Listing Verification

When Aging Data Means Obsolescence 

With EnableVue, you can check and maintain the integrity of the data that your business relies on every day. We test and update multiple fields of data, providing you with the confidence that your business is operating with up-to-date information about your clients, prospects, vendors, and competitors. We research, verify, and build business lists using advanced, proprietary, and very cost-effective methods.