How to Write Creative Category Page Descriptions that Boost your SEO


You're likely already utilizing product descriptions to drive traffic to your site and turn window shoppers into buyers. But there's another critical bit of content that's quickly becoming essential in the world of eCommerce — the category page description. Category descriptions add more original content to the page while improving your rank on search engines, and they tell your shoppers useful information about your brand.

Most importantly, category descriptions inject themselves into the midway point of the conversion funnel; an on-point category description can move customers closer to a product page, while a poor one can increase bounce rates.

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Optimizing Your Category Descriptions

  • Use the Best URL. Effective URLs tell the customers exactly where they're going and what's on the page. For instance, if you have a category page for movie theme party hats, your URL should be:
  • Give Them Good Titles. First, do some research to find out which words people use to find your page (or similar pages). Then, in creating your title, lead with those keywords before adding your brand. For example: Women's Lingerie: Babydolls, Teddies, Bras and More | Your Brand.
  • Provide a Proper Description. A well-crafted description will not only increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and provide useful information, it will also help convey your brand's personality to your customers.

Creating Compelling Category Descriptions

  • Stay Focused. There's nothing like a wall of text to make potential buyers turn their heels and flee your site. Keep it concise — hit on some keywords and give your shoppers the basics about what you offer on that page.
  • Summarize It. Tell your customers how these products will meet a need, add value or fill a void. What are the products and how will they be useful to your audience?
  • Don't Forget Your Offer. If you offer bulk discounts, free returns or free shipping on orders of a certain amount, this is a fantastic place to mention it. Just be sure to use full sentences; search engines view fragments as low-quality.

Let EnableVue Create Your Category Page Descriptions

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