Meet the Team 

Tom Jones


Tom is an industry veteran with over 30 years' experience in technology and eCommerce. 


As Founder and CEO of EnableVue, he leads the company’s strategy and operations. Prior to EnableVue, Tom served as Vice President of Global Operations at CNET Content Solutions (a CBS Interactive division) where he oversaw its international operations for content and data production, sales and finance operations, customer support and professional services. 


Tom served in several executive roles during his 12-year tenure at CNET and CBS Interactive. Before joining CNET Networks, he was co-owner of A+ Micro, Inc., a computer networking and hardware company. During its 11 years of success, the company launched QuoteDesk™ Software, a sales, order management and e-commerce solution for the computer reseller market. The company was acquired by CNET Networks ( in November 2000, and QuoteDesk™ was transitioned and re-named CNET ChannelOnline™ (, the leading SaaS sales cycle automation solution for technology resellers. 

Shahmir Sultan


Shahmir leads EnableVue’s international data, research and development operations.


Shahmir is a highly qualified Customer Experience and Contact Center Operations Specialist.With a track record of managing large-scale service transformation initiatives and a focus on process re-engineering programs. His unique experience in a broad range of technical and business leadership roles position him well for problem solving and client solution development on an enterprise scale. 


With expertise in Telecommunications and Outsourcing Services, Shahmir has led the launch of new contact centers, driven operational change management and executed new business plans to maximize productivity, performance and fiscal health. 


He has held lead roles at Abacus Consulting as the Head of the CFL Logistics group (Closed Feedback Loop Logistics) and Touchstone Communications as Project Manager. He has provided solution consulting to several large organizations such as NovaStar Inc., Microsoft, the US Federal Government, The Ritz Carlton, ZONG - China Mobile, Warner Brothers and CNBC. Shahmir holds a MBA from SZABIST University and a B.Sc. with honors Mathematics from the University of Punjab. 

Jalal Zia


Jalal has extensive experience creating software solutions designed to meet the demands of today's business requirements.


Jalal is a passionate coder, effective troubleshooter and enthusiastic Software Engineer with a proven record of developing, testing and implementing advanced solutions that enable complex projects. He works with the latest web technologies in a broad range of applications, supporting EnableVue's consultative approach to solving problems for Enterprise customers. 


Jalal is committed to EnableVue's culture of continual self-development and learning. He enjoys working closely with colleagues and provides an eye for detail and identifying the root cause of a problem. With a background in computer hardware, software, applications and programming, he delivers effective results in today's constantly evolving technological environment. Jalal holds a B.Sc. with honors in Computer Science with a major in Software Engineering from the Allama Iqbal Open University. 

Scott Macpherson


Scott manages several areas of customized solutions, workflow and customer discovery.


With over 25 years experience in the technology industry, Scott has held several managerial roles in project management, video editing, graphic design, web design, database administration and data analytics. His deep knowledge in a diverse range of software uniquely positions him in crafting solutions and in designing efficient, effective customer workflows.


Scott is an expert in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and MS-Office with back-end skills in SQR, SQL, VBA, XML and MS-Access. Some of his past positions have been with companies like Baxter Biotech, where he oversaw Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) in quality, and Kaiser Permanente where he managed ERP projects in PeopleSoft. Scott attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on a full music scholarship and was in the honor society. In addition he holds a Liberal Studies degree from Ambassador University. 

Steve Crowley


Steve Crowley advises in areas of talent development, operational excellence and process improvement.


Since his first appointment as a Head Teacher in 1984, Steve spent more than thirty years working at the forefront of governmental Educational Change Initiatives. Steve’s reputation grew as he led and managed three very different schools in the UK gaining recognition as an innovative professional who performed to very high standards and achieved results. 


After serving on a number of government committees to assist the introduction of education reforms, Steve was invited, in 1995 to train with the Office for Standards in Education (OfSTED) for whom he later worked as a Registered Inspector of Schools. Over the next three years, he led teams of inspectors for more than 50 school inspections. By the end of 1996, Steve was working as a freelance educational consultant to local education authorities in England and Wales. He designed and delivered many training courses and workshops in relation to all aspects of school improvement, including what proved to be a highly subscribed 12-week ‘Leadership for School Leaders’ course at the Institute for Education, University of London. In May 2000, Steve accepted a position with the Government of the Cayman Islands as Senior Inspector of Schools — a high-profile position that called for skillful interaction with and between the Governor, the Legislative Assembly, the Minister of Education, government and private schools, parents and the community. During this time, Steve represented the Cayman Islands at International Education Conferences in London, Harvard (presenting on the ‘Function of the Brain and how it relates to Teaching and Learning’), Mexico and Brazil where he was a key speaker. Steve chaired one of the round tables at the ‘First Latin American Conference on Social Inclusion’. 


Between August 2005 and July 2007, Steve was the Principal of the DSB International School, a prestigious all-age, co-educational private school set in the heart of Mumbai, India. Steve then relocated to Abu Dhabi where he led strategy with a team of 80 education advisers on an ambitious Public Private Partnership Education Reform Project with Abu Dhabi Education Council. He went on to become the founding owner/manager of Inspire, LLC providing training and organizational development for the Oil & Gas and Construction Industries as well as Education Services. In September 2014, Steve was appointed as Director of the School Evaluation Unit for Beaconhouse School Services. 

Steve Parrott


Steve is a results-driven internet executive with a proven track record of driving organizational growth, performance and profitability.


Steve Parrott knows how to make businesses grow. In fact, he's been doing it for most of his professional life, first as a business systems analyst in the food service industry, where he pioneered new organizational methods for the company's supply chain. Then, as President of Revenue Management at CBS Interactive, where Steve led a team of 350 employees in developing data architecture for boosting search results. Most recently, he served as CEO for the world's number one sympathy flower eCommerce platform, effectively tripling profits in under four years. 


Steve brings that proven track record of organizational growth to EnableVue, where he serves as a Strategic Advisor. He is passionate about turning a company's vision into reality, building results-oriented teams and driving profitability while never losing sight of the importance of meeting the customer's needs. 


Steve holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo.